Our Story

The story of Direct Giving Lab is three stories.

Three graduate students—Jordan, Lori, and Danny—with three unique backgrounds all met at The University of Chicago...


Jordan's Story

From working alongside academic economists, Jordan knew about direct giving's theoretical success, but saw little work being done in the U.S. 


Lori's Story

After several years designing experiments for a behavioral science firm, Lori grew to appreciate the difference even a small nudge could make.


Danny's Story

Working with local governments showed Danny the power of communities banding together, but also how much administrative inefficiency plagued the system.

Inspired by the promise of direct giving, they came together in January of 2017 and formed Direct Giving Lab.

The team quickly raised $25,000 for an initial pilot, and by the end of the summer was delivering $100 checks each month to 20 low-income families north of Chicago.